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Sporting My A-list T-Shirt

Hi all I thought I would post a picture of me with my San Diego A-List T-Shirt.  I have been so fortunate to be in the race under Best Desserts.  Please visit my link at to vote for me. Your votes help keep me in the race so vote today and share with your family and friends!




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How could I not post this what a review

You might have had chocolate fudge, you may have tried vanilla fudge…but WHITE FUDGE….is like a gift from the Gods…if clouds were edible. And remember….calories are a state of mind. If you’re going to consume them, make them count with Bridget`s heavenly fudge!

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Thank you

I wanted to thank everyone who has voted for me on the San Diego A list.  Your votes help me in this competition keep those votes coming!

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Get those smartphones out and scan to vote

wpid-wp-1403144361854.pngScan this QR code quick and easy way to vote Bridget Rose Delights for Best Deserts on the San Diego A List!

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Bridget Rose Delights / Williams-Sonoma

So excited next weekend on June 21 at the Fashion Valley Williams-Sonoma I will be demoing my Fudge please come by and say hello!



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Major Market Lobster Maine-IA Weekend /New Fudge Flavor


Stop by this weekend for a great Lobster meal and try my new flavor of fudge Dark Chocolate!!

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What company are u with?

I called the sub shop today to let them know I got there order and will be dropping it off in the next few days. 
He said to me I’m sorry what company are you from?  I’m like this is the Fudge Lady. He said oh the Fudge Lady let me get Megan for you. Lol

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When I grow up

When I was a little girl I was asked the question. “What do you want to do when you grow up” I responded that I would like to own my own business and it would be  food or clothing store.  Since everyone needs food and clothing I would never go out of business.

So I knew from the be very start I was going to be my own boss because, well I like to be the boss and as my Uncle (Godfather) said to me when you’re in business for yourself you control your own destiny you must work harder, but the reward is what keeps you going!

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Ok I know I said it before but Im going to say it again.

So with the new flavors coming out I have been contacting my stores that carry my fudge to let them know of the new flavors. So I called one of the stores today and said could I speak with the manager I wanted to let her know about the new flavors she was the ok let me get her.  I then hear her say tell Megan the fudge lady is on the phone! Priceless like I said I can never get enough of hearing that 🙂

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