Fudge Lady

Harold 96

on May 30, 2014

Yet another funny story from another one of the volunteers.  There is a gentleman named Don he always come to my desk grabs some fudge and passes it around.  So 2 hours into my shift I had not seen him.

I went down to the cafeteria to get some ice tea and ran into Harold.  God bless him he is 96 and works at the hospital once a week.  So I said  “Harold is Don working today?” He said yes I said tell him to come visit me.  So he goes to look at my name badge and I said am Bridget.  He looked a little confused.  So I said just tell him its Fudge Lady I said I’m the one that makes the fudge.  He said to me oh and I’m the one that eats it priceless!!



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