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You asked for it part 3

I’m happy to say I will be offering 4 new fudge flavors.  I can tell you that I received so many requests for Dark Chocolate that will now be offered !!  The rest of the new products will be shared soon.  As always I feel so blessed I have come so far but it wouldn’t be possible without all my customers, friends and family. Thank you

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Voting starts tomorrow part 2

Starting tomorrow the San Diego magazine will start opening to getting votes about your favorite eatery.  I have been submitted and find out tomorrow if. “I made the cut”  Even if I don’t move on to the next level as I said before just being nominated with all the top desserts companies makes me a winner. I will keep u posted if I make it !!


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So much good news part 1

I’m proud to announce that my fudge has been picked up by Swirls Candy Store in Escondido their store is incredible it’s a chocolate and candy lovers prime destination.

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Harold 96

Yet another funny story from another one of the volunteers.  There is a gentleman named Don he always come to my desk grabs some fudge and passes it around.  So 2 hours into my shift I had not seen him.

I went down to the cafeteria to get some ice tea and ran into Harold.  God bless him he is 96 and works at the hospital once a week.  So I said  “Harold is Don working today?” He said yes I said tell him to come visit me.  So he goes to look at my name badge and I said am Bridget.  He looked a little confused.  So I said just tell him its Fudge Lady I said I’m the one that makes the fudge.  He said to me oh and I’m the one that eats it priceless!!


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I was at the hospital yesterday, and those of you that don’t know if you buy my fudge and someone buys it because of you I give a free box of fudge to you.

So this lady bought my fudge and I had 3 people from her buy fudge.  So I gave her 3 free boxes.  I saw her yesterday and she said I’m bringing your fudge to bingo on Monday I was like that’s great. She said I’m going to help get you more orders and so I can get more free boxes of fudge.   Too funny

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I already consider myself a winner

The fact that I am even listed with these business I consider myself a winner!


  • Desserts

    • Azucar

    • Baby Cakes

    • Bridget Rose Delights

    • Cheesecake Factory

    • EscoGelato

    • Extraordinary Desserts

    • Heaven Sent Desserts

    • Nothing Bundt Cakes


    • San Diego Desserts

    • Viva el Cafe


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Amazing Please Vote for me on June 1

OMG guess who got nominated for San Diego’s Best Choice for desserts. I had no idea I’m number 3. Voting starts June 1  The Top 10 nominees in each category will move on the the Voting phase beginning June 1, 2014. This is freaking amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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1 Year Anniversary

Well today is Bridget Rose Delights 1 year anniversary! It is so hard to believe its been a year and if you told me I was going to be The “Fudge Lady” I would never have believed.

I was so blessed with all my family friends and customers that made this last year possible!

I was blessed with a grocery store Major Market to pick me up as a vendor at both their locations and  Rockin Jenny’s sub shop in Escondido.

The call from the local newspaper to interview me in November and just recently this past week.  Everything has been so exciting but I do have to say the TV interview with Roger Hedgecock was incredible!

So as I embark on the Fudge Lady’s 2nd year I will be a vendor at the Williams-Somona location in Fashion Valley June 21st I am so excited.

Thank you so much to everyone’s support to their local  Fudge Lady it means the world to me!




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Newspaper Article

This is my pdf of the paper article or I guess you could say the hard copy. It is much better then the digital version in my opinion.  Hope you enjoy the article. just click on the link below

Bridget Rose Delights

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Now this would be so cool

I got a call from the manager at the Fashion Valley Williams-Sonoma store and said she said she saw my article liked the story and the presentation of the boxes and she would like to offer me to participate in their vendor fair they host once a month featuring local business. She said if your product does well we have picked up a vender before and added their product to the store. Right now I’m scheduled for next month.

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