Fudge Lady

Coming to a store near you!

on May 26, 2013

Coming to a store near you!

A very exciting part of my story is where my fudge is being sold. When researching to find out who my competition was I was looking retail and found 1 See’s Candy but they only offered 2 flavors. As I continued my search I asked friends thru a facebook if they have ever bought some and where. This facebook post changed my life. My friend told me a couple places she had purchased it before. I called the store and asked for the bakery and asked “do you sell fudge” She said no we use to 3 years ago we need a new vendor. Ok so I hung up the phone and thought hmm I’ll make a batch and bring it to the store. I walked in with my tupperware container of my famous white fudge and said Hi my name is Bridget I called yesterday asking if you sold fudge. She said yes you spoke with me luckily she was the bakery manager. So I explained I was starting a business and would she be interested in selling my fudge she said YES!! She was very excited and told me that would great she told me to get my permits,business license and so forth together and come back. Well fast forward to today it was my 3rd week sampling my fudge at the store!

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