Fudge Lady

How the Fudge Lady Came to be

on May 22, 2013

Hi my name is Bridget and my company is Bridget Rose Delights. I currently sell fudge and would like to share my journey to how I became the “Fudge Lady”

I have been volunteering at Tri City Hospital for over a year now. I have  worked in 2 different departments. When I switched to the ICU My first day there people would ask no candy no treats?  I quickly learned the reason they were asking was the majority of the volunteers brought candy and put it on the desk.  So after the 2 or 3rd request I thought alright but I wasn’t bringing bagged candy.

So every week I would bring my white chocolate fudge.  I can’t leave this part out when I would bring it I would cut into cubes and people would say “is that cheese” So when I would get to the unit I would hear.  “She’s here with the cheese”   As time went on I was getting the most unbelievable  reactions of how much they enjoyed it. People would see me and say hey your the lady that makes the fudge and eventually since some did not know my name and I would bring orders people would say “Hey Rick the Fudge Lady is here with your fudge”.  My favorite that happened to me today was a lady came up to me she said “Sarah” told me to come here for your fudge I told her I didn’t know where to go and she said “You don’t know the Fudge Lady” 🙂  It really warms my heart to see how much people enjoy the fudge.

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