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Demo Partner


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Chocolate and Chocolate

Demo with Koo-Koo liquor which just happens to be bottled in Rochester, NY my home town.



Chocolate and Chocolate

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Best Fudge

I ended my first day with this wonderful story from one of  the customers. One of the best things you can hear about your business is what I heard today!!

A lady said to me.” I went on Google and found you. You had so many good reviews about your fudge”.
I said thank you so much. I said where on Google did you find me?
“She said I just went to Google and entered Best Fudge in San Diego and you came up on the first page. !!!!!

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December Fudge Demo’s

Majorfrontmajortable15                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 This time of the year you will find me busy in my kitchen or at Major Market Escondido. This year started off with Lobster Maine-IA !!

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Bridget Rose Delights Banner


Yes I even created it myself.

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Hello San Diego International Wine Show Del Mar


Getting ready for the show!

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If I may ask again

I recently found out the San Magazine is having there contest for Best restaurant. This is different then the A-List I won back last August, but still the same concept. The contest ends this Friday. If you could take the time a vote for me in this contest it would great.


The link is at




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It’s Official

I am happy to announce that I am now selling my Aunt Marion’s Chocolate Chocolate Chip Cookies! These are the softest cookies you will ever have. Growing up if there was a family get together the 1st thing everyone would say “Aunt Marion is bringing her cookies right”

So now I am going to share with you what we enjoyed as kids growing up.  I know some of you have been waiting for this. The cookies are sold in 1/2 dozen for $5.00 and 1 dozen for $10.00.

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San Diego International Wine Show

I am so excited this weekend I was invited to participate at the event in April. It will be on the 25 and 26.. Here is a link to website for you to see all about the event.

San Diego International Wine Show

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Heartwarming Article

This article was written by Sweet Pea Meals. It is a website that will be dedicated to CFO like myself. It stands for Cottage Food Operator which enables you to cook in a home kitchen. They are working on creating an app that will enable people to find products that are local to where you live.  So you will able to support a small business owner in your area  People these days love when there buying a product in their area. I know first hand when I tell people I make the fudge myself here in Oceanside they get very excited. Sweet Peas were kind enough to write this article about my fudge. Please click on the link below to read it.

Heartwarming Story

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